What exactly can Naprapathy do for me?

People often ask that question and simply don’t understand either what naprapathy is or the complete benefits available from receiving naprapathic care.

We help people naturally manage chronic neck, shoulder, back and hip pain from sitting at a desk or in a vehicle all day as well as acute pain from motor vehicle accidents, worker’s compensation and sports injuries WITHOUT using unnatural methods like pain medications or injections.

The Southwest Center for Pain Management has helped thousands of people in the Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Rio Rancho area become pain and discomfort free using naprapathic treatments in conjunction with holistic and nutritional guidance.

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Welcome to the Southwest Center for Pain Management

The Southwest Center for Pain Management is a NON-PRESCRIPTION, NON-INJECTION pain specialist clinic owned and operated by Dr. Robert Smith, D.N.. We serve the Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, and surrounding areas with offices in Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

Doctors of Naprapathy are Connective Tissue Specialists

The word “naprapathy” (nuh-prah-puh-thee) is derived from the Czech word “napravit,” which means “to correct the cause”, and the Greek word “pathos” which means “suffering or pain”.  The role of a naprapath is to correct the overall cause of suffering or pain.

Naprapathy maintains a whole body approach to health.  It is a natural healing method that focuses on addressing the various connective tissues that hold the skeleton together, stopping pain and initiating the body’s own innate healing process. We do NOT provide pain medications or write prescriptions for them, nor do we administer injections.

Conditions for Naprapathic Care

As Naprapaths, we concentrate on the connective tissues – muscles, tendons, fascia, discs, and ligaments – and how they relate to the overall structure of the body.  Our focus is to “restore balance and create movement” in contracted connective tissues, thereby relieving pain and increasing natural movement.

Ligaments and fascia are stabilizers that act like guide wires and nets in support of the musculoskeletal system.  Tension in the connective tissues may cause a structural imbalance or postural misalignment resulting in pain and sensitivity. For example, problems with the spine’s connective tissue can cause much more than just a backache and have much further effects throughout the body.

Contracted connective tissues are usually the source of most pain and sensitivity in the back, neck, shoulders and joints as well as a cause of tendonitis and bursitis. Releasing the tension in those connective tissues stops the root cause of the pain and provides natural relief without unwanted side-effects, habit-forming medications or employing temporary solutions, such as injections, that only mask the symptoms and do not address the actual cause of the pain.

I encourage anyone with nagging injuries, or even just those run-of-the-mill aches and pains to look into Naprapathy.  For me, it’s been a really affordable approach to feeling great, and the physical benefits have been a tremendously pleasant surprise. Check it out for yourself–you won’t regret it!” … continued

  • New Mexico State Employee?

    Are you a New Mexico state employee? Naprapathic treatments are a fully covered benefit for all New Mexico state employees.
  • Testimonials

    "Years of sports, combined with my job (lots of desk work, punctuated by stints of repeated, heavy lifting) left me with a typical amount of back and joint pain. For me, massage was always too expensive, and a chiropractor seemed to aggressive...

    In Naprapathy, I've found a terrific balance of massage, physical therapy, and chiropractic technique, and I feel better than I have in years." -Hosho McCreesh

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